A home inspection is conducted to give home buyers and sellers added piece of mind that the home they are buying or selling meets industry standards. A house is more than a place to live, it is a home. A home inspector instills confidence in the home owner that the house they are living in is safe. Home inspections are provided to give warning signs about potential harm to your property and those that live in it by assessing major damage, safety concerns, or potential threats. Unexpected home repairs can cost you thousands. Knowing the condition of your home or potential home is key in making the relationship between home and home owner a lasting one, and in helping to reduce costly repairs.

   A buyer can think they are buying the perfect home, but major damage could be lurking in the walls or under them. Electrical defects, plumbing damage, structural cracks, or sewage leakage can cost a home owner thousands to repair. When buying a home, it can save to know about these problems ahead of time. Some repairs can be fixed by the seller prior to you buying the home, or deducted from the initial purchase price. A home inspector can spot these defects before you buy the home, giving you the knowledge to make an informed decision on purchasing.

   A home inspector is there to make your home buying experience a confident one. Their top priority is the safety of you and your home. The home inspector takes their time in compiling a detailed report of your home's condition from the foundation and roof to the plumbing and sewer. No corner of the home is left unchecked, giving you the confidence knowing the house you are buying or selling can be a home.

   A home inspection is not only for buying a home, but can tell a home owner about problems or potential problems to their current home. Knowing the life expectancy of your roof, furnace, or appliances can help you be prepared for future expenses. It can also be used prior to a remodeling job by telling the home owner if their current electrical or plumbing is updated enough to support any changes.

   Whatever your needs may be, a home inspector can guide you toward making the right decisions for your current home or future home.


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