Home Inspection Checklist

When thinking of buying or selling a home, be on the lookout for areas inside and outside the home you want your home inspector to look at more closely. Examining these areas and marking off any damage you see can help you with any decisions on the home and guide you toward questions to ask your inspector.





1.     Roof/Attic

2.     Foundation

3.     Yard

4.     Appliances

5.     Ventilation


6.     Electrical

7.     Plumbing

8.     Garage

9.     Structural

o Are there shingles missing?

o Is there flashing and trim installed?

o Are there any signs of leaks?

o When will the roof need to be replaced?

o Are there visible cracks on the outside walls?
o Are there any trees near the foundation that will need to be removed?

o Does the drainage slope away from the house?
o Are the walkways and driveway in good condition?

o Do the appliances appear to be well-maintained?
o What is the age of the:

Refrigerator? ___     Dishwasher? ___     Oven? ___

o Does the heating and AC system appear to be working?
o Does the water heater appear to be in working condition/able to produce enough hot water?
o Is there a working exhaust fan in the kitchen?

o Do all the switches work?
o Is each outlet properly grounded?
o Do the ceiling fans work?
o Has the electrical panel been recalled?

o Are there any unusual noises?
o Are the faucets and other fixtures in working order and have enough pressure?

o Check all of the following elements for signs of damage or wear:

 Slab                          Walls                Ceiling                      Vents

 Garage Door           Lights              Openers                  Windows
 Roof


o Do the walls show vertical or horizontal cracks?
o Are there any stains on the floors, walls or ceilings that might indicate water damage?

After the tour of the home, hire a home inspector to give the house a more thorough inspection. You can find one on your own or some real estate agents can recommend one to you.