Scharnhorst Home Inspection & Radon Measurement offers both home inspection and radon measuring services. During each home inspection we look at the roof, siding, yard, interior components like cracks in the walls and electrical, as well as the foundation and plumbing. All heating and cooling systems are also inspected along with the appliances. Radon measurement services are also offered to test for radon gas. We are also certified for commercial property inspection.


Home Inspection

Scharnhorst Home Inspection prides itself on providing the most comprehensive home inspection services to give you piece of mind in your home or future home. Contact us today for a personalized quote.


Radon Measurement

Radon is a colorless and oderless radipactive gas found in soil. Radon gas can enter the home and becomed trapped, causing health issues. Schedual a radon test today to see if you or your family are at risk.


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